The sun sets over a water treatment plant The sun sets over a water treatment plant
Water Based Flocculants
Water-based dispersion polymers & their benefits

What are water based flocculants and what are the benefits over traditional powder and emulsion flocculants.

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    Water-based Dispersion Flocculants

    Within the water treatment industry, powder and emulsion flocculants are commonly used. However, due to several disadvantages, water-based flocculants are on the rise within the market. 

    Water-based dispersion flocculants require little dissolution time and can be added directly when necessary, meaning that they need to be limited to no equipment to be dosed. They also require less water to dilute, offering formulators a saving on both water and energy costs. In addition, they can be blended with other polymers, making them extremely efficient due to improved flocculation.

    More than distribution, Univar Solutions offers the capability to blend and create specialised flocculants to suit your individual requirements. To discover how to improve your current treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Comparison Vs Other Technologies

    Today the market is still predominantly based around using powder & emulsion flocculants. However, these products suffer from certain disadvantages that can only be solved by moving towards water-based flocculants. Water based products need minimal dissolution time and can even be added directly when required.

    This means they need limited to no equipment to be dosed. Combine this with the fact you also need less water to dilute the product and you quickly save on water and energy costs.

    You can also blend them with other polymers making them very efficient. This often improves the flocculation by having a larger scope to tackle any challenge.


    table comparing the difference between types of flocculants table comparing the difference between types of flocculants
    Table comparing the difference between types of flocculants

    Introducing Caflon Floc

    Univar Solutions are proud to distribute the Caflon Floc™ Series.

    This water-based dispersion polymer is a safe and more sustainable choice to tackle the physico-chemical treatment of wastewater, whilst also enhancing performance efficacy and reducing the need for CAPEX Investment.

    Our unique technology also allows crosslinked polymers which are known to offer great performance in sludge dewatering when using centrifuges.


    Why Use Caflon Floc?


    • Direct dosing possibility – Easily and almost instantly dissolves in water, simplifies the operation dosing process. 
    • Short dissolution time – Quicker maturation saves operational time 
    • No expensive mixing equipment needed – Reduced operational overheads 


    • Easily blends with other polymers – versatile and offers formulation flexibility in use
    • Highly structured products available – beneficial for sludge dewatering as it requires a highly structured polymer
    • Overcomes water with high conductivity challenges – excellent for water with high ionic content, such as salts & metals.
    • Low viscosity enables effective mixing – Mixes well with wastewater and viscous sludge – efficient and functional