Crop protection

Univar Solutions supplies a wide range of speciality chemicals for crop protection applications.

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    A woman harvesting vegetablesA woman harvesting vegetables


    Univar Solutions is a global distributor of agriculture chemicals and raw materials.

    We offer a comprehensive range of specialty ingredients from global-leading chemical manufacturers.

    Crop protection is vital for a sustainable agriculture industry. We support customers by providing innovative products and solutions to protect crops and ensure optimum nutrition.

    Univar Solutions provides tailor-made solutions for the agricultural industry. With an innovative product portfolio and in-house technical expertise, we ensure customers get the best fertiliser solution for their specific needs. 

    Not finding what you need?

    We are available to address any enquiries related to our comprehensive selection of chemicals and services for the agriculture industry.

    Agriculture tractor sowing seeds and cultivating fieldAgriculture tractor sowing seeds and cultivating field